MidSouth Nostalgia Festival

JUNE 4-6, 2020




Bruce Dern is coming, and so is James Drury!

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Bruce Dern is coming, and so is James Drury!

 We are proud to announce two-time Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern as the latest actor to join us at our 2020 Festival. Dern is now entering a phenomenal seventh decade as an actor, renowned for both modern day heroes and legendary villains. 

The role that helped secure his fame as one of the vilest of villains is that of John Wayne’s killer in 1972’s The Cowboys.

James Drury is, of course, best known for his role as, and on, The Virginian (1962-71), a highlight of his career that spans almost 60 years. 

They are joining actors Ed Asner, Peter Jason, Patrick Wayne, Buck Taylor Robert Fuller and Laurie Prange, actor/writer Claude Jarman, Jr., and stunt performers Diamond Farnsworth, Marguerite Happy and Clifford Happy at our festival.

Check back often as we are always adding new guests.

About Us

Our Mission

Our festival is committed to providing a place where fans can meet and hear from  the actors, directors, stunt people and more who have provided us with years of enjoyment through movies and television.

Our Festival

Our festival dates back to 1972 and is constantly evolving.  It was started by Packy Smith, Mitch Schaperkotter, Wayne Lackey and Tommy Floyd as a place for  western film collectors to gather in Memphis, TN. That first gathering featured Sunset Carson, Lash LaRue, Don "Red" Barry, Max Terhune and Russell Hayden. In 2004 Ray Nielsen took up the reins as Festival Director and since then has continued to enlist the expertise of the many capable and dedicated volunteers who help make our festival the success it is. 

Our Programs

Celebrities appear on panels each day and are involved in Q&A sessions. They spend time daily in the Dealers' Room where attendees can speak with them and obtain personally autographed photos. 

There are dozens of dealers with movie and TV memorabilia of all types including DVDs, toys and collectibles. 

Throughout the festival we hold a variety of other events that may include auctions, a radio show recreation, trivia contest.

Be sure to attend the celebrity banquet on the Saturday evening.